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Meet The Team


With over 25 years in Training and Development in various countries including United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Dubai, we discovered that the key to success is to build a consistent personal brand, leverage our multicultural strengths and challenge the status quo while being our authentic selves. We are truly passionate about Experiential Learning, and we follow the Kaizen Philosophy for transformation. Through our coaching and consulting services we help individuals and groups be creative, disruptive, proud and very very brave.

Minue Yoshida

Founder & CEO of Yoshida Consulting


International Speaker, Public Speaking Coach, Author, Multicultural Ambassador, and Wonder Woman! 

Co-author of “Today´s Inspired Latina” V.III 


Disruptor of the status quo, helps people discover their true potential in order to become extraordinary, resilient, and very brave.

Jason Aydelott

Vice-President of Learning and Development

Master at leveraging proven adult learning principles to create innovative, learner focused, solutions that speed the path to proficiency.

Tania González

Art Director & Designer​


Mexican Warrior. Rain Maker and Problem Solver.

The Master of Graphic Design, Conceptual Art and everything that looks and feels amazing

Eduardo Minoru

Media & Communication


Strategic Planning delivers situation analysis and communication strategies and guidelines. Executive Planning delivers alternatives for multi-medium production to be generated be multimedia conceptual presentation, communication or digital and printed graphic materials. Supervises the outsourcing production processes along with project executives.

Masahiro Yoshida

Executive Producer

Imagineer and Kaizen attitude advocate.

Designs and creates the logistics to make things happen.

Focuses on preproduction and is amazing in solving problems on the fly.

Sets clients ideas to real scenarios on a timely basis and within budget.

Harumi Tanimoto

Visual Communication Designer Jr.


Creative thinker, citizen of the world and fearless traveler. Ready to take on any project and pragmatically make it work within the world of art, beauty, and harmony.

Creator of the Yoshida Consulting font!

Gabriela Vanegas

Social Media Manager


Management and marketing strategist, social media specialist, adventurer, baker and woman activist made in Nicaragua. I help companies add up value to their brand, while raising awareness, connecting with their customers in a meaningful way creating long lasting relationships and thus increasing their profitability.

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