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Connect and you'll be amazing

Some of my clients have told me "my issue is to get started, once I start, I can keep going and the nervousness disappears". Ok, so if starting is the name of the wall we must climb, let´s climb it!

The first part of any presentation is The Opening. Regardless if your presentation will last for only five minutes or five hours, the opening is always the same. The objective of this section is TO CONNECT with your audience...

To their feelings and emotions in a deeper level To their thoughts, interests, and preferences To their needs, pain points, worries, questions (to the reason why you are there)To their backgrounds, to their cultures, the way they are "wired" inside To whatever it is that you have in common

This connection happens in a matter of seconds and it grants you the right, the chance, the very basic opportunity to proceed. If you do this right, you´ll get your audience attention for the rest of your presentation. (If you do this wrong, you´ll be at risk of being ignored, questioned and ultimately tuned out!).

It is in the beginning that you set the tone of your presentation, this is the reason why you MUST PLAN ahead and choose your introduction, your opening, what to do and what to say, how to say it and how much time do you have.

There is no way to know which would make you feel more comfortable than by trying them and observing the reaction. You must learn from yourself, what suits you better, what goes with your personality, what helps the topic development, what do you have time for, and what makes you just "keep going"... is it humor? is it statistics and data? is it storytelling?

Here are some pointers to help you get started.

Click here > The Confident Public Speaker Video: Opening

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Which opening technique is best? All of them. My suggestion: try them all! [WAIT, not at once... one technique per presentation]

Whatever helps you connect with your audience as fast as possible.

"My name is Minué Yoshida, welcome everyone! And thank you for coming today! It is an honor to be your Keynote Speaker tonight. Our event will last for 60 minutes, unless you´d like me to stay more time and show you my latest hiphop choreography, who would like to see that?"
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