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Don't know how to start your presentation?


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The introduction for your presentation has to be very strong because it needs to reach people at an emotional level. Just as you just have 10 seconds to impress your audience, you have another 10 to get their interest.

It's all about connection. If your introduction is done properly, your audience will grant you "permission" to enter their minds and hearts, and will hear you with the intention of learning and being inspired or motivated by you. Getting to their hearts is just like when you want to get to the core of a lettuce, you have to peel it, leaf by leaf.

The key point is to remember that the more senses you involve, the better the attention will be.

There are many things you can do to start your presentation, regardless of how much time you've allocated for this section. If you have just one minute or twenty minutes for the opening, the techniques and planning is the same.

Here are some ideas for great introductions:

Tell a story - storytelling...SUPER POWERFUL and never failsBring an object - something related to the topicShare an anecdote - like...what happened to you on your way to the event Show a video - you can even start your video without any other introduction (it's quite dramatic)Show pictures - a few images to make a point, this helps mostly when you don't have much time Conduct an activity - from a simple "let's stretch" to a game or dynamic group activity Meditate - ask the audience to breathe deeply, to visualize something, a minute of silence for somethingPlay a song - relative to the topic please, and if it's popular have everyone sing with you Dance - have everyone sing and dance with you (like Tony Robbins or Oprah)Start with a chart - like "the end result of our project is this" and show everyone how great they all are for achieving something...or... our biggest issue is (then the chart) Have someone else introduce you or the topic - mostly if you are the main speaker

The more tangible, the better!

Note: do not try to do many ideas a time. CHOOSE ONLY ONE. I’ve seen many speakers attempting to call the audience’s attention in so many ways that by the time they have to cover the key content, their time is over and now they to rush the closing.

Practice your introduction and gauge the audience’s reaction. What you want to see immediately is people paying full attention to you (with their eyes at the front, phones down, smiling, nodding). -----READ THE SIGNS ------

Set an approachable tone since the beginning. If they feel they can trust you and what you have to say, they’ll be open to what’s next.

Practice these skills and you'll have more chances of meeting people, of getting to the next conversation and be heard by others. You'll be just amazing!

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