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Got to speak in public? You can do it!

Many professionals and business owners, regardless of their age, background, workplace, culture, or experience, suffer from anxiety when they have to speak in front of people. Sometimes they get nervous because they feel they are in the “spotlight”, and some have even said they’d rather have a root canal than speak in public! (Clearly, they haven´t had a root canal, trust me, it´s much worse.)

Public Speaking is a critical function of any current leader and the leaders to be. If you cannot talk to people, express your ideas, properly convey your message, sell a concept, or know what to say when you receive an award in front of an audience, you won´t move from where you are.

What is Public Speaking?

Attending a conference call where you must talkTalking to your clientsPitching in front of an InvestorExplaining a product or service to a couple of prospectsConvincing a bunch of followers and/or influencersExplaining your latest report to the Board of DirectorsIntroducing your ultra innovative idea to a Company or OrganizationPresenting a topic in front an audience of hundreds or thousands

The size, place, and circumstance, doesn´t really make much of a difference. The skill set needed is quite similar in all cases.

If you feel you are going to hyperventilate and die because your heart is about to get out of your body and start running… I have something to tell you. You won´t die of this (Well, at least I think you shouldn´t).

I have great news for you: Public Speaking is a set of skills, therefore, it can be learned, practiced and mastered.

Would you believe me if I tell you that I am an introvert and a shy person? Seriously! In many psychological tests done during my College practices, the results were the same. I rather process my thoughts internally, and singing in Japanese in front of all my parents‘ friends was NOT my favorite thing to do.

But life placed me in circumstances where I had to speak in front of people, over and over and over, in Spanish, English, and even in Portuguese (well Portuñol). But there... I did it!

And you know what, I LOVE IT!

So after a lot of pressure from Destiny, God, The Universe, my friends, my colleagues and former bosses, I decided to become a Public Speaking Coach. My goal is to share with you, how I became so comfortable in front of 2,000 people, a spotlight, and a microphone.

Along with many workshops that I´ll be delivering this year, Webinars on Best Practices, and my regular one on one Private Coaching Sessions, I´ve put together a series of videos to help you learn little by little, skill by skill, the art of becoming A CONFIDENT PUBLIC SPEAKER.

Confidence is only the result of knowing you are great, trusting your instincts, feeling proud of who you are, and believing you can -and will – accomplish the most amazing things.

My goal is that you LET GO of your FEARS, feel COMFORTABLE with your own personal style, as well as to learn basic TIPS and TRICKS to become the best you can be.

I´ll be publishing them on my YouTube channel twice a month. Please subscribe to my channel (so they let me personalize it with my name.)

Enjoy! And breathe…

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