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It doesn't need to be perfect...

It just needs to exist!

I started my business with Speaking Engagements, Professional Coaching Clients and Empowerment Workshops; And the one thing that I always recommended my clients has been to write, post and/or publish about their expertise in a Newsletter, Magazine, Blog and of course, Linked In. However, I was not doing it.

Here are my reasons (ok, my excuses):

English is not my first language, I tend to put adjectives and verbs in the wrong place (like Yoda) I didn't have a comprehensive editorial calendar With no editor...what if the grammar, syntaxes and construct were wrong? I wanted my clients to be proud of me, so the content needed to be impressive Bla bla bla...

This year, I've decided to practice what I preach, and go for something that I am working on daily: to let go of perfection, to let things happen, and let them flow as they are, as they want to be.

Here, my two cents:

If you have an idea, go for it! Who cares if you don’t have it all figured out. You will! If you want a business, launch it, make your business cards, build your website. Who cares if it’s not amazingly fantastic! It will be!If you have a dream, chase it, tell the world. Who cares if nobody has done it before. You’ll get there!

Because IT’S BETTER TO HAVE SOMETHING, and then work on making it better, than to wait until it’s perfect, and have NOTHING.

So, this year GO AHEAD & MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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