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You´ve got 10 Seconds to Impress

In a matter of seconds, we can tell if we like someone, if we feel empathy, if there is chemistry, and if we think the other person is going to influence us or not. 

We tend to judge really fast, and there is nothing we can do about it. So, if you just have a few seconds, be smart about what you do and what you say in those few seconds! 

Choose wisely:

Choose your words carefully, out of respect for the time of others. We all like to hear great stories, and you can certainly continue telling yours with a nice glass of wine or a cup of tea, but later. When you meet someone, try to be brief. Choose your words so that your message conveys who you are. Not to sound like a robot with a script, not at all! But try to be succinct and precise, again, so others can understand you better. Choose your language, so it demonstrates your extensive vocabulary. Using bad language or bad words is not always great when you just meet someone. Cursing is not always a sign of authenticity as some people believe, in some cultures this is offensive. So please be mindful of this. Choose what you wear, so you align your style with your brand. Don't do it to impress others, or to please others, do it for you. Wear your brand. If you are in the business of sports, it's ok to wear running shoes and sweatpants. But please, in good shape! If you are a hair stylist, please always take care of your hair, and if you sell jewelry, please wear it!  Choose the shoes that match your outfit and according to what you are doing, where you are speaking at, at again - your brand. The most important thing is to be comfortable, not fashionable and in pain. Choose your expressions, your body language, so it matches your words with what you are saying. Don´t rehearse them so much that you look cold and made or cardboard, but to be congruent with your thoughts, your personality, your character and your preferences. If you say "glad to meet you", then smile and SHOW that you are glad. Choose to be respectful, read the greeting preference of others, if they reach out to shake their hand then shake it, and if they don´t then ask. If they bow, then a bow, and if you are a hugger, ask if you can hug people. There is nothing wrong with asking.

Choose to be you, to be authentic, to look natural. Because if you don't really mean what you say, people will know immediately. JUST BE YOURSELF. 

Practice these skills and you'll have more chances of meeting people, of getting to the next conversation and be heard by others.

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